UniCarriers Midsized Pneumatic Forklifts

New UniCarriers Midsized Pneumatic Forklifts Are Now Available For Order!

Effective immediately, the all-new lineup of UniCarriers midsized pneumatic forklifts is available for quote and order. Orders can be placed by contacting our sales department. Call our toll-free number (800) 752-1882, or fill out this short form and our sales department with reach out within 1 business day. 

Built to meet the needs of the toughest applications the market has to offer, these 8,000 lb. – 12,000 lb. capacity forklifts are designed for industries such as building materials & garden supplies, lumber & wood products, primary & fabricated metals, stone, clay & glass, and trucking & warehousing.

UniCarriers New Midsize Forklift Models and Capacities

PF(D)80N – PF(D)120N trucks are designed to provide you with the durability, power, and productivity required to complete your projects and accomplish your goals.

Equipped with durable componentry and a powerful drive train that balances fuel efficiency and performance, the new Unicarriers  Mid-Sized Pneumatics are an excellent choice for a wide variety of industries and applications. 

Up your uptime
  • Standard Engine Protection System constantly monitors fluid levels and temperatures to make sure that the truck hydraulic and travel performance levels in situations that require attention.

  • The high-performance cooling system is equipped with a large, horizontal aluminum cross core radiator to offer the cooling performance needed in some of the most demanding applications.

  • The rear-hinged engine hood allows exceptional access to major componentry and allows for easy daily checks to make sure that the truck is ready for the shift, every time.

Power & Performance
  • Both the GK45 LPG engine and the D04-EGT diesel engine configurations offer the performance needed to meet and exceed the expectations of the market.

  • Diesel configurations meet all EPA tier 4 final regulations without needing the regeneration of a DPF system or the additives required by SCR systems. The Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) canister cleans harmful emissions without the need for maintenance or any action from the operator.

Comfort Zone
  • Equipped with several vibration reduction features, these forklifts are designed to work in tough environments but allow for excellent levels of comfort for the operator, all shift long.

  • The full-suspension vinyl seat is adjustable in numerous planes to make sure that operators of all sizes feel at home in the spacious operator compartment.

  • Three secure points of contact allow for easy access to the operator compartment of the truck for operators that are constantly required to move on-and-off through the course of their shift.

Play It Safe
  • Standard operator presence detection includes a comprehensive system with seat-actuated interrupt with hydraulic and travel lock out when the operator is not in the normal operating position. This includes audible and visual warnings for the operator.

  • PIN code/password capabilities can help to assure that only those authorized to be operating the truck have access to its operation.

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