New JLG RT Series Scissor Lifts

JLG Expands R-Series Scissor Lift To New Heights

JLG Industries announced the new generation of 40 ft and 47 ft rough-terrain (RT) and electric rough-terrain (ERT) scissor lifts. The 4069 and 4769 RT/ERT units feature enlarged platforms that can hold up to 800 lbs. The new models are the tallest in their class.

The larger platforms lift users closer to their work area while allowing more people, tools, and material on board.

The control box includes JLG’s innovative technology, LiftSens. It works with the platform’s side-to-side and front-to-back tilt and weight, telling users the maximum height they can reach before raising.

JLG R-Series Drives Fully Elevated Outdoors and Indoors

The new RT/ERT lifts can drive fully elevated indoors and outdoors, advancing productivity and performance.

JGL’s scissor lifts are available in diesel/dual-fuel engine models with hydrostatic drive (RT) or battery-powered AC electric drive models (ERT). The ERT models feature regenerative braking, which actively recharges the batteries during machine operation.