Need forklift training for your operators?

Forklift Systems provides you with certified forklift safety training that exceeds OSHA forklift training requirement standard 1910.178. Contact one of our experienced trainers by clicking the button below. 



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Forklift Operator Training

The "Operator Training" program will train your drivers in the recommended methods of operating Powered Industrial Trucks plus address hands on control of the forklifts used by your company.

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Forklift Train The Trainer

The 'Train the Trainer' class will give the future trainer the needed material, information, knowledge, and tools to start training your employees and equipment operators.

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Aerial Equipment Safety Training

This program will train your aerial equipment drivers in the recommended methods of safely operating industrial scissor lifts, and boom lifts.

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Forklift Training in Spanish

Both the Train the Trainer and Operator Safety Forklift Training classes, materials and tools are available in the Spanish language also.



Creates a Safer Workplace.

Trained lift truck operators create a safer work place. A comprehensive forklift safety training program will ensure that your employees know the rules and regulations of workplace safety. Employees will be more aware of the different safety concerns in their environment.

Osha Forklift certification training
Less product damage with forklift training

Less Product Damage.

Trained operators cause less product damage than un-trained equipment drivers. Employees who have completed a safety training course are likely to feel more cared for by their employers. This raises company morale and productivity, and pride in the workplace.  Less product damage also equates to lower forklift repair costs.

Fewer Workplace Injuries.

Trained lift truck drivers cause fewer work place injuries than un-trained equipment operators. Train-the-trainer programs and forklift safety training courses promotes stronger awareness of the need for a safe work environment, which is key to workplace safety.

OSHA certified forklift training
Lift operator training certification classes

Lower Workers Comp

Trained drivers can help lower your workers comp expenses. An effective forklift operator training program will lower incident and accident rates, thus producing higher productivity. An insurance company can look at your safety training program and see that you have done your part to protect your employees and ensure workplace safety.

More Productive Forklift Operators.

Trained operators are more time efficient. An OSHA forklift training class gives your employees the knowledge they need to complete their jobs while remaining safe at all times. It also gives them the confidence they need to work safely in your company’s environment.

Forklift truck training systems increase productivity

Join over 10,000 trained

Employers need an effective and comprehensive training program to meet the current requirements and regulations. Forklift Systems has trained over 10,000 forklift operators and helped hundreds of companies with their forklift operator safety concerns. We deliver site-specific evaluations, complete formal classroom education, and hands-on training.

We offer “Train-the-Trainer” and “Operator Training” classes that include ITA Classification 1 though 5 training packages, and Aerial equipment safety training. We not only supply you the tools you need, we also show you how to use them effectively from start to finish. Videos, Materials and training available in Spanish also!


Forklift license are free, after you pass a forklift safety training course.  The forklift operator safety training course starts at $120 per operator.

You can get forklift training here at Forklift Systems.  We can do the classroom portion of the training at one of our facilities, or at your company’s location.  OSHA’s forklift training standards must also include the evaluation of the operators performance in the workplace, so it is best to do the ‘hand’s on’ segment at your company’s operation.

You have to complete and pass an approved OSHA forklift operator safety training class.  The training must be a combination of formal (lecture, video, etc.) and practical (demonstration and practical exercises), and include an evaluation of operator performance in the workplace. Truck-related and workplace-related topics must be included.  Contact Forklift Systems at 800-752-1882 to arrange a training class.

A standard forklift course can be completed in four to six hours depending upon class size. 

Under current OSHA guidelines, forklift license expiration is 36 months from the date issued or renewed. All forklift operators are required complete an OSHA approved operator safety renewal training every 3 years.