Combi-IMSC Intermodal Straddle Carrier

Combilift’s New Customizable Intermodal Straddle Carrier

A cost-effective, customizable solution, the Combi-IMSC is perfect for midsized intermodal terminals.

The Combi-IMSC Intermodal Straddle Carrier is ideal for central container terminals that handle fewer vessels than the main ports.

Standard port straddle carriers are usually higher and wider. They are often too large for midsized central terminals and can be very expensive for smaller operations that unload just a few trains per day. 

The Combi-IMSC offers an affordable, customizable solution. It is great for handling containers between a terminal’s rail siding and its storage/transport lane. 

Unlike Combilift’s regular Straddle Carriers, the IMSC features:

  • Eight wheels with two flexible, puncture-proof tires
  • A fully enclosed driver cab with air conditioning
  • Joystick control
  • Rotating seat high off the ground for excellent visibility

It does not need to be counterbalanced, eliminating the need for costly on-site infrastructure like ground support, making midsized operations expensive. 

Combi-IMSC’s load equals half of a typical reach stacker and performs the same operation.

Since the machine operates in a straight line beside the train, there is less need for sharp turns or reversing, extending tire life. 

The unit has multi-directional steering and can leave the rail track quickly to carry out other loadings, unloading, and stacking tasks.

Combilift’s ability to customize the machine allows it to lift heavier loads for more versatility. Combilift has manufactured additional attachments for the Combi-IMSC: coil clamps, grapple arms, and rotating forks. 

Check out the Combi-IMSC Intermodal Straddle Carrier in action below!