Nissan Unicarriers two year best forklift warranty

Best Forklift Warranty – UniCarriers Americas Announces New Warranty

UniCarriers Americas Announces The Best Warranty Offered In the Industry

We at Forklift Systems are pleased to announce that UniCarriers Americas Corporation has introduced a new standard limited warranty that covers two years unlimited hours on all Class I, IV and V UniCarriers forklifts ordered on or after November 1, 2014. The new warranty is the best warranty offered in the industry.  What makes it the best forklift warranty in the industry?

  • Two-year carriage-to-counterweight coverage (excluding wearables)
  • On ALL Class I, IV and V forklifts offered by UniCarriers Americas
  • UNLIMITED hours for the two year warranty period
  • No SIC code limitations
  • Standard warranty is transferable after one year
  • Not a limited time promotion

Nissan Unicarriers two year best forklift warranty

Forklift Owners Want Reliability

“We understand that our customers need to keep their businesses up and running. Our forklifts are engineered, designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions, the toughest jobs and the longest hours in order to keep them delivering outstanding performance for years,” said Anthony Salgado, president, UniCarriers Americas. “We know that we build the best forklift in the industry, now we are letting the world know it by backing up our equipment with the best warranty in the business.”

“Unlike some competitive warranties, our new standard warranty is not a limited-time offer or gimmick to temporarily boost sales,” said Salgado. “This new warranty is a reflection of the uptime performance and reliability that is built into each and every forklift manufactured by UniCarriers.”

We’re Shaking up the Industry with a New Warranty

UniCarriers Best In Class Two Year Unlimited Warranty“Two years…unlimited hours…it’s the industry’s best-limited warranty, and now a standard feature of every Class I, IV and V forklift we manufacture. It’s a distinct and quantifiable advantage you can take to the bank,” explains Steve Cianci, UniCarriers Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

“Unlike other brands, UniCarriers only manufactures forklifts, and we’ve been doing it for over 50 years. Our industry-leading limited warranty is a reflection of our heritage of world-class design, engineering and manufacturing- and the uptime performance our forklifts deliver to customers throughout the Americas.”

UniCarriers Forklift Warranty Details

There are no SIC code limitations for the new warranty. The new standard warranty is also transferable after one year, with approval based on oil analysis and review of service records.

Warranty claims will continue to be handled using the same process as in the past. The new standard warranty will have the same exclusions and limitations for wear parts, normal service and parts that are warranted by the original manufacturer. Previously, UniCarriers Americas’ basic limited warranty covered one year or 2,000 hours and its powertrain warranty covered two years or 4,000 hours.

If you would like to know the details of the new ‘Best in Class’ forklift warranty available on Class I, IV, and V Nissan Forklifts manufactured by UniCarriers Americas don’t hesitate to contact Forklift Systems at 800-752-1882.