Nothing beats Nissan forklifts at Palmer Logistics

Palmer Logistics – Nothing Beats Nissan Forklifts

Nissan Customer Profile: Palmer Logistics

I want to share a recent Nissan Forklift customer profile that was provided by Adobe Equipment in Houston, TX. Palmer Logistics is headquartered in Houston and is a customer-focused warehouse and third-party logistics company. In Palmer’s several facilities, they store a wide variety of commodities including hazardous chemicals, nonhazardous chemicals, food-grade commodities, and general commodities.

The Lift Truck Requirements of Palmer Logistics

Nissan by UniCarriers at Palmer LogisticsPalmer currently has a fleet of more than 100 sit-down lift trucks. The company leases several models in 5,000- and 8,000-pound capacities including models powered by electronic-fuel injected LP and LPS industrial engines. One of the major benefits is the lower cost of ownership they enjoy on its Nissan Forklift trucks.

“Basically all of the lift trucks we operate are Nissan Forklift by UniCarriers,” said Brett Mears, president, of Palmer Logistics. “Over the years, we’ve tried several other brands but nothing out there beats them, and they provide us with the flexibility and reliability that our operations need. In the facilities that handle hazardous chemicals, we need lift trucks that are non-sparking, and the LPS engines are ideal. We also have some lift trucks that are equipped with pneumatic tires for outdoor operations such as loading lumber.”

Maintenance Savings with a fleet of Nissan Forklifts

The forklift trucks in operation at Palmer Logistics have a run time of 7,000 hours per lift over the course of a five-year lease.

“When we compared the maintenance costs of our current lift truck fleet to the standard maintenance program, we found the costs to be more than 40 percent less. We run the lifts hard in order to provide our customers with the highest productivity, so the performance is very important,” explained Mears. “Safety is also important. Safety features, such as lockout on impact, and safety checklist completion before the equipment will start are just two examples. Incorporating this technology into the design helps Palmer operate safely and ensures compliance with regulations.”

Excellent Dealer Service and Support

Palmer’s quality and safety managers took a forklift training course for operator safety through their local lift truck dealer in order to provide onsite training to staff. The Palmer staff is growing 10 percent annually, so having that introduction course for them is beneficial to the company.

“Another factor that makes UniCarriers stand out is the excellent service and support that we receive from Adobe Equipment,” Mears explained. “They acted quickly when customers had to transfer additional warehousing needs to us due to a natural disaster. We had the extra lift trucks that we needed by the time the diverted shipments arrived at our facility.

“Moving forward, we will continue working with Adobe Equipment and are committed to UniCarriers forklifts. They make a superior product, offer a good price and we receive excellent support,” Mears summarized.