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Nissan Forklift add LED headlights to standard features

Nissan Forklift Corporation a UniCarriers Americas company and manufacturer of pneumatic forklifts, cushion forklifts, electric lift trucks, walkie and rider pallet trucks, tuggers, reach trucks, order pickers, and electric stackers
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I want to make you aware of some minor updates that Nissan Forklift by UniCarriers has made to Nissan Platinum II and GO4 series forklifts. One annoying part of forklift ownership is changing light bulbs. By most companies, lights are considered a safety item. Standard bulb technology in your forklift is the same as in your home. Can you imagine how many light bulbs you would change in a home lamp if you bounced or shook the lamp all day?

That’s what happens to light bulbs in forklifts. They are bounced, bumped, and shaken all day. It’s an expensive little repair, due to the fact that you have removed the light from a guard, remove the lens to the light, replace the bulb, and then put it all back together. A recent move by Nissan Forklift and UniCarriers has gone a long way toward significantly reducing the expense of changing light bulbs on your forklifts.

LED headlights: a popular option becomes standard equipment on new Nissan forklifts

Recently UniCarriers Americas Corporation made LED headlights standard on Nissan Forklifts by UniCarriers Platinum II and GO4 series lift trucks, replacing halogen headlights on these models. LED headlights have been a popular option for customers on Platinum II and GO4 orders. LED lights are more durable, offer greater visibility, deliver a longer service life and are suited for high-vibration applications.

Additional options added

With these new standard features, UniCarriers Americas has added a welded assist grip to the right-hand front pillar on most Platinum models. Additional options that are now available for these lift truck models include LED-type front turn signals and rear combination lights. GO4 models now have optional LED-type rear work lights.

New options available on the Platinum II models include:

  • LED-type rear drive light
  • Acrylic non-glass mirrors
  • Rear, right-side assist grip with horn button
  • Self-adjusting, smart backup alarm

Additional features that were already standard on these lift trucks include:

  • UniCarriers’ comprehensive engine and transmission protection and warning systems to warn operators in the case of excessive heat or a severe drop in oil pressure, which extends the engine and drive train life.
  • Seat-actuated Operator-Presence System that prevents the use of lift and tilt functions when the operator is not inside the operator compartment.
  • A fuel management system that optimizes engine performance for excellent fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

According to Steve Cianci, vice president, sales and marketing for UniCarriers Americas, “We received a high volume of requests for these particular features, and we are happy to respond to our customers’ needs with additions to the standard and optional features. Nissan Forklift by UniCarriers lift trucks in these lines already offered excellent standard and optional features, best in class warranty, and they now offer even more value to their owners and operators.”

If considering leasing or buying a forklift and you would like more information on all the features of Nissan forklifts from UniCarriers, click here and send an email direct to me.

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